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OK-to-Vaccinate Verification
Netherlands COVID-19 Vaccination Programme for Seaferers

Dear applicant,

You are about to apply for an OK-to-Vaccinate verification in order to proceed with scheduling
an appointment with the medical services provider of your choice.

If you have not set up an account for this portal yet, you must first create one. After creating an account, you can return to this portal for the duration of the vaccination programme to apply for OK-to-Vaccinate verifications on behalf of your seafarers.

While creating an account, you are required to accept the terms and conditions of the various medical services providers contracted for this programme. They will also gain access to your company name, billing address and applications for seafarers. Upon successful completion of
an application, you can schedule a vaccination appointment with the preferred medical services provider at various vaccination sites.

If you are uncertain about the procedure, please visit www.kvnr.nl/vaccines4seafarers first in order to learn more about the programme and the instruction.

Please select Create Profile below to get started.

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